jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

What I got my sights on

Our bow season has been open for about a month now. It has been so stinking hot, humid and rainy that we've not been up in the stands much. We are patiently waiting for it to cool off some and it looks like it just might, right in time for our muzzle loader season and a short shotgun gun season this month. So, we decided to head out last week to sight the shotguns and muzzle loaders in.

When we sight guns in or just to play around shooting stuff up, we head over to a friends house who has a "shooting range" set up in his backyard just for this purpose. 

This makes it nice so we don't have to shoot in the woods or even near the woods we are hunting in.

 Plus having a dirt backdrop to catch the lead shot helps keep the environment a little cleaner

The purpose of sighting guns in is to make sure your scope is dead on with your target. There is nothing worse than taking a shot at a nice buck and miss because your scope is off

Sighting a gun is pretty simple. You shoot and look at your target. Tweak the scope, if needed. Shoot and tweak some more. You keep doing this until you are dead center of your target

Shoot and tweak every gun you may be using during your hunting season until everything is dead on. Now that you and I are done sighting our guns in...

...I got my sights on some big deer this week!

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