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Explain the origin of the mysterious animal found in ca

RARE. The animal was found in a field two years ago. The mystery generated by the discovery of a strange animal in a field area Leubuco party, Adolfo Alsina, seems to have found a logical explanation.

After you observe some veterinarians concluded the same thing: it would be a bovine abortion that survived a few minutes, enough for a farmhand found him and killed him scare a shovel.

"To avoid misunderstandings, apparently abortion would be a cow with the passage of time has made that meets these characteristics such as elongated neck. But there are others such as the conservation of hair on the animal and neck also coincides with the diameter of a bovine, the position of the ears that appear below, against the jaw is a result of having been suspended from the head, retraction of leather has made the ears go below, "said Daniel Belot, one of the veterinarians who had contact with the body stuffed animal.

As for the possibility of there being a surviving abortion, the specialist noted that "may have been alive for several minutes and this may have coincided with the passage of this person to see him."

Belot brought tranquility to the people: "Do not create doubts and speculations, because you can say things that are not. People to be quiet. "

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