viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

They used to decontaminate worn banknotes water and air

They used to decontaminate worn banknotes water and air

An investigation by the National University of Colombia showed that unused tickets can become an activated carbon removes contaminants.

"Paper money that was hitherto discarded wear now have a second life: it may become a material decontaminating wastewater and removes air pollutants," says a study by the National University of Colombia.

According to the report, in the case of Colombia, the high-denomination banknotes circulating in the country have a lifespan ranging between one and two years and four months. The amount of damaged banknotes annually to reach 169 million pieces destroyed, equivalent to about 172.4 tons of gravel-residue resulting from destruction.

María Paula Franco, Masters in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Colombia, conducted an investigation in which this material was converted to an activated charcoal decontamination discharges resulting from the process of manufacturing and printing of tickets.

This material, quote Franco, can be used for removing contaminants from air and water and cleaning effluent (resulting dumping of numerous industrial processes).

The researcher also adds that the Colombian airline fibers are made of cotton, a material suitable for recycling through composting in order to return it to the ground.

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