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A super cast a woman to require "Rates Cuid

A consumer of the locality of Loma Hermosa, in the party of Tres de Febrero, reported that he was thrown from a supermarket for claiming the presence of products of the "Care Prices."

The claim of Naomi Elizabeth Grassi was released by the Association advocate DEUCO consumers and on Saturday 8 February in a branch of the supermarket Day, located on Avenida Eva Peron (former Route 8) No. 9735 occurred.

Among the alleged irregularities observed lack of client placement price of the products on the shelves, making it necessary to approach the box to check the values, so the presence of sum carts loaded corridors include goods that impede access them.

"For all that often made my complaint to the manager of the local who with respect to the lack of price I would answer that reclamase mothers who come shopping with children because it is they who take away prices. Quite simply never echoed the claims were made, "he described.

"With my product list in hand I began to control every time I did my shopping. If beforehand there were no prices were typically less expected finding prices care, and so it was not found many of the brands listed in the list or magazine showing what the Care Rates, "he said.

Given these irregularities, the consumer called the Secretariat of Commerce of the Nation, which first had difficulty placing the branch in the records of the agency and then they said how they should be prices, the existence of the magazine with the prices and if any missing should have a sign explaining the lack of merchandise.

He was then recommended that efectuase claims to supermarket managers. In its complaint, the consumer decribe what happened with every product we had planned to buy. Mostly there was due and buy equivalent products at a higher price.

When I decided to report these claims to be in charge of the place, had a verbal argument with her and finally told that an employee had to be removed from the premises.

"This was what happened. Users We ask that as we control, go, do, claim and receive the mistreatment of these people who keep doing what you want," he said.

"Not just this if behind every complaint is not going to trade and acted as it should. Believe and I am convinced that the closure of each place that does not comply with the agreement would be the best solution," concluded the complainant.

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