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The first Nokia with Android and Galaxy S5 between novelty

The first Nokia with Android and Galaxy S5 among the novelties of 2014

Devices will be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world's largest mobile show. Finnish strategy change and Samsung will make a radical redesign of its stellar phone.

Between 24 and 27 February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the big names in technology will face in the second major technology fair of the year. After showing the latest in televisions and computers in Las Vegas, this time will be the turn of the mobile market.

And while two weeks left to start the event, and have met some of the releases that stand out in this version of the show, which will be marked by smart watches, cheaper phones and colonization of previously unthinkable Android brands as Nokia.


According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Nokia will be present at the fair in Barcelona with his first phone equipped with Android operating system, after years of working with your own system (Symbia) and then adopting Windows Phone, today virtually the only manufacturer to use this system, in part because Microsoft owns a percentage of the company.

The project, temporarily called "Nokia X" would not be a team of their top line, but rather a focus for the midrange market, especially in emerging countries, where the company has established itself well device.

Yes, as does Amazon Kindle Fire tablets in their, Nokia is expected to change his way the operating system, from aesthetics to create own shop, designed and managed by Nokia to control access, especially for applications maps that keep even the Finnish brand to the forefront.


After years of presenting their new devices at special events, this year Samsung decided to advance the release of the Galaxy S5, team logo at the Mobile World Congress.

The team, successor line phones with Android best sellers in the world, Galaxy, will be unveiled at an event called Unpacked and, as has been advanced, the design will be completely different to that seen in the S3 and S4 lines, which share too many similarities in the aesthetic.

One of the biggest improvements is the screen, which is expected to last more than 2K (two thousand pixels high) resolution, which will be higher than a Full HD TV.

The apparatus also bring new features to enhance the security of user data plus applications specially designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by the concepts of "outdoor" and "fitness", among others, used in the official invitation to event.


Another innovation that could make 2014 be the commercial redesign of the Taiwanese company HTC, which last year dazzled with his HTC One-picked the best of the event, but failed to sales success than expected. To improve its latest financial results, the company acknowledged that will focus on the launch of mobile phones costing less than $ 150.

The successor to the HTC One, yes, still in development, but could be presented in a separate event.

Chinese company Huawei, meanwhile, could use the fair to present its first Barcelona smartwatch, along with their traditional smartphones and tablets, which would also make LG, which would join Samsung and Sony as the leading brands that have entered smart fashion watches.

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