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"Revenge" against the founder of WhatsApp Face

One of creators of the application was rejected by the social network in 2009. The other traveled a hard road to success

The sale of WhatsApp to Facebook is the most expensive in the technology world in the last ten years. The owners have managed to sell 19,000 successful application billion in representing not only a great financial move. Facebook will pay for their work is a personal vendetta.

Brian Acton, one of the founders of the instant messaging application was rejected by Facebook in 2009. then, he and Jan Koum, the other founder, had just left his job at Yahoo and had to stay. This was the tweet in which he told his misfortune.

Brian Acton @ brianacton Follow Facebook turned me down. It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. Looking forward to life's next adventure. 4:14 PM - 3 Aug 2009

"Facebook rejected me. It was a great opportunity to connect with great people. Expect got an upcoming adventure in life."

But this was not the only company that refused. Days ago, Twitter had said no, and was comforted by the social network with this sentence: "I have been a long time coming and going," collects "El País". Acton says Forbes, is now about 20% of the company, so 3000 would receive about $ 200 million.

OTHER MILLIONAIRE Acton's story seems to be nothing compared to what he had to live his partner Jan Koum before becoming a millionaire. This Ukrainian born in a village on the outskirts of Kiev came to America to diecséis years with his mother. His father had died and they were so poor they had to eat with the help of the government, which gave them coupons.

Koum was precisely the visionary instant messaging application. Brought up in communist Russia, was used to make conversations tapped and people were talking quietly so as not to be heard by the intelligence service of the Russian government. It was then that he realized that the person to person communication worked better.

Koum Life was not rosy. He came to America fatherless boy and his mother died of cancer in 2000. He studied at the University of San Jose State when he received a call from Yahoo: I wanted to explore the data of the users of search in order to sell advertising. He left the school forever. The rest is history: U.S. $ 6,800 million will be in your bank account.

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