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For a rare allergy, a kid can only eat candy

For a rare allergy, a kid can only eat candy

It is a British boy of three years, suffering from Eosinophilic enterocolitis, which causes an extreme allergic reaction if other food ingested.

To live feeding candy? What looks like a not recommended for kids diet is all you can eat Finley Ranson, a British boy three years suffering from Eosinophilic enterocolitis.

It is a strange enfermad, which prevents you from eating normal foods without suffering an extreme allergic reaction. Specialists explain that the body of baby food fight as if they were a virus, which generates internal bleeding. So, the only food that your body can tolerate sweets.

The boy made a series of genetic tests in Great Ormons Street Hospital in London to try to find the cause of his strange illness, however, could not yet determine the causes of the condition.

His mother, Rhys, who tried everything to find a food that will not cause allergies, started giving sweets to small, on the advice of another mother. Surprisingly, the baby had no other side effects, so doctors approved to continue fed on them.

Obviously Finley's life is not easy: small is fed six times a day through a tube, through which it acquired the necessary nutrients for your body, by having a highly liquid nutritional formula components and which is connected to his stomach.

Finley's older sister, Georgia, also suffers from the same disease, though his allergic reaction is not as severe as his. Unlike the baby, she can eat many foods, except dairy, eggs and soybeans, according to the Daily Mail

They moved by the harsh conditions of the children, friends and relatives of Finley raised over 12,000 euros to investigate the causes of allergic reactions and improve their quality of life.

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